Heating blankets for industrial applications

Heating blankets

Heating system by surface heating

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At elecal-AS we design and manufacture electric heating blankets for industrial use.

Usual applications

  • Heating and temperature maintenance of drums: standard and made-to-measure models.
  • Heating and temperature maintenance of various receptacles: laboratory apparatus, various containers, etc.
  • Prevention of the accumulation of ice and snow on parabolic antennae in cold areas.
  • Curing of paste coat/composites: wind generator blades, boats, cars, etc.
  • Heating blankets to accelerate the fermentation process.
  • Motor heating blankets: motor windings, sumps, hubs, etc.
  • Heating blankets for electrical distribution boxes in cold areas.
  • Heating blankets for heating gases.
Electric heating blankets
Electric heating blankets

Description of the heating blanket

The heating blanket is made up of a wire heating circuit covered first with a special covering made up of silicone and resin insulating elements which are in turn enveloped in a glass fibre fabric outer.

This type of manufacture gives our blankets a flexibility that allows them to adapt to practically all types of shapes and applications.

  • Suitable for plastic and metal drums, and IBCs.
  • Wide range of blankets to adapt to different size, temperature and budget requirements.
  • Variety of sizes and powers to suit the application.
  • Adjustable or fixed temperature thermostats.
  • Includes different types of fastening or anchorage depending on the application: belts with buckles, Velcro, springs, glass fibre cords, etc.
  • Made-to-measure manufacture depending on the specifications of each project.
Electric heating blanket scheme
Heating blanket scheme

More information


To be able to offer you the most suitable heater, we must know all the drum specifications, the product that it contains, etc.

You can request a quotation for a drum heater that is suitable for your application, using any of these options:

  • Send us by conventional post, fax or email, the drum characteristics, the material of which it is made, type of product stored, temperature you wish to achieve, ambient conditions, etc.
  • Fill in the form below with all your details, drum specifications, product, temperature you wish to achieve, ambient conditions, etc.
  • Contact our technical department
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